Commitment of the shop

OMOTENASHIIt has been more than 40 years since the restaurant opened in the center of Otaru Sushi. Authentic taste that inherits tradition and skill. We will do "OMOTENASHI" with all our hearts so that you can spend a wonderful time at the "MACHINO" while enjoying the seasons of the four seasons.
Language supportAfter training in Akasaka, Tokyo and Los Angeles, USA, the owner stayed in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 6 years as a temporary employee of a Japanese restaurant, which is the overseas division of Suntory, and has been practicing sushi overseas. .. The landlady is also from Brazil and has been in Hokkaido for about 25 years. I'm still learning Japanese traditions. Simple English is available for overseas tourists.
Reservations"MACHINO" has started a reservation system. This is a system in which customers call us to make a reservation in advance, and only the customers who make a reservation can eat and drink in the store. By making a reservation system, we are thoroughly implementing measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.